Electric car buying guide

What is an electric car?

The car which uses electricity as a primary source of power is known as the electric car. The electrical energy is stored in a rechargeable battery and the car runs with the charge of the battery. An electric car can run by electricity completely or can use another alternative source of energy and power. The electric car is also known as EV or electric vehicle. If you want to buy an electric car, you need to know about different models of the electric cars and the features of them.

Types of electric cars

There are three main types of electric cars. These are- the Battery electric vehicle or BEV, the Hybrid electric vehicle or HEV, and the Plug-in Hybrid Electric vehicle or PHEV. Here I am discussing them in brief.

Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV)

The Battery Electric Vehicles run only by the electricity. The energy is stored on the high capacity battery and this energy source is being used by the car. To run the car and all of the onboard electrons, the battery power of the BEV is used. One can charge the BEV from the eternal sources or electronic vehicle charging station.

Hybrid-Electric Vehicle (HEV)

The Hybrid Electric Vehicle is consists of conventional fuel engine and the electric drive. You will get all the components of the internal combustion engine and electric vehicles on the HEV. Some common components of the HEV are ICE engine, fuel tank, electric motor, transmission pack, and so on. Depending on the model of the electric car, the size and length of the fuel engine and electric drive may vary. Some HEV comes with large fuel engine and small electric drive where the others come with the complete opposite features.

Plug-in Hybrid-Electric Vehicle (PHEV)

Pug in the hybrid electric vehicle uses the electricity as an energy source on propelling. This is the basic difference on the plug-in hybrid electric vehicle and hybrid electric vehicle. However, the structure of this vehicle is also different than the other electric car. It has larger battery storage and electric drives. One of the greatest benefits of this vehicle is, it uses fuel when the charge of the battery starts running low. One can charge this electric car from the electrical outlet so it is possible to run it completely on electricity until the charge remains.

How do you charge an electric car?

One needs to recharge the battery of the electric car regularly in order to run them with the battery power. The car is easy to recharge. One can recharge the battery in different places if there is an electrical outlet. When the car remains inactive on the home and office, one can recharge the battery. It is also possible to recharge the battery on the public gas station and the park where the facilities are available. You can get different devices which will allow you to recharge your car fast.

Where to buy an electric car?

The electric car is not manufactured by all the manufacturers but some specialized companies manufacture the electric cars. If you want to buy an electric car, you have to search for it from the local dealers. You can also browse online and get information about the place where the electric car is sold. While buying the electric cars, you need to follow some specific instructions. While buying the car from any manufacturers or dealers, you need to confirm theirs after sale services. As the electric car servicing requires special skill and equipment, it is better to ask them if they have the option.

What are the differences between owning an electric car and a conventional car?

The differences between owning an electric car and a conventional car are not that much. Both of the cars require servicing. Both of the cars have to be recharged or refueled to run. But the electric car needs less attention and servicing than the conventional cars. The main power source of the electric car is the battery. It is also the most expensive part of the car. So, one needs to take care of the battery seriously if he/she wants to use the car for a long time and saves the replacing cost of the battery.

Charging options for the electric car

Different types of charging options are available for the electric car. One can charge the battery of the car from one of these options. These cars can be charged through the main socket of a home and charge station on the road. The charge can be given in slow, fast and rapid modes depending on the battery power and model of your car. While buying the electric car, it is important to look for the kW rating of the battery. If you want to charge the battery of your car faster, you need to buy one with the highest kW rating.


Different types of chargers are also available to charge the car. These are the main socket charging option, Wallbox or home charging option, and public charger. The main socket charging allows you to charge anywhere where the standard three-pin socket is available. Most of the electric cars use this charging option for the availability. Many people nowadays are also going for a Wallbox or home charger option. The public chargers nowadays are available in many places like the gas station, grocery stores, service station, and other places. So, using any of the options, you can charge the battery of your car.


You will get different types of batteries for your electric car. As a battery is the most important thing of an electric car, you need to choose this carefully. The battery comes in kW, Ah, and lithium ion categories. Though all of the batteries are popular for the electric car, lithium-ion is mostly being used in the car recently.

So, this is all about the electric car. I hope you will find this article helpful if you are interested in buying an electric car.

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